Tuesday, October 17, 2017


YD-2 with VX-Dock test impressions:
I was 100% satisfied with the normal steering and very worried thinking if it would not get worse than normal. But to my surprise, it got a lot better than normal after installing the VX-Dock!
 Now I'm 150% satisfied! It was worth buying!
 I felt the difference instantly. It was much easier to drive and the car is faster than before, perhaps obtained by the excellent ackerman of the VX-Dock. Now I know why it's expensive! The test result was much better than I expected! One more important thing they taught me (VX-Dock users) is to use the GX-knukcles to get a perfect ackerman. Now I intend to buy for Doripake too! I need to raise money again. Thanks to Wrap-Up Next for this wonderful work!

 YD-2にVX-Dock テストの感想: 私はノーマルのステアリングシステムに100%満足していましたので、VX-Dock付けらノーマルより悪くならないかな?ってかなり心配してました。ところがVX-Dockを付けてみて走ったら150%満足!明らかに立ち上がりスピードも上がり、コーナリングも簡単,そしてさらにスムーズになりました。たぶんVXアッカーマンのおかげでしょう。。。値段が高いのが納得!買って良かった! 良いアッカーマンを出す為、GXナックルが必要でしたので、中古でVer.2をゲットしました。

Friday, October 13, 2017


After thinking a lot, finally I bought the W.U.N. VX-Dock.
I was very pleased with the normal steering, but after buying the Usukani Gear box, I bought the Wrap-Up carbon shock tower to look more beautiful. And to complete the front with carbon shock tower, I bought the VX-Dock. I fell into the trap of RC drift! Buy this, buy it and in the end we have a super expensive chassis ...

Sunday, October 01, 2017


YD-2 with Usukani open gear box, Wrap-up carbon shock tower and carbon battery holder.

USUKANI open gear box for YD-2